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NDPDC Corporation

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Proudly providing excellent service support to NDP and its US customers by facilitating the import, storage and shipping of NDP's products to and from its customers. 


Stocking NDP's products locally in Houston to facilitate next day delivery to NDP's US customers - improving service delivery and customer responsiveness.


Same or next day delivery of stocked NDP products to its US customers. 

Expediting customer returns and dealing with service queries.

NDPDC Corporation provides a range of services to NDP and its customers covering Logistics, Inventory Management and Distribution. Based in the US, NDPDC Corp allows NDP's customers to order goods for receipt by the next day. NDPDC Corp also provides market support services, including providing information and updates on NDP's products and services.

* All sales of NDP's products are direct from NDP to its customers and NDP is solely responsible for all commercial arrangements with its customers.



NDPDC Corporation was established by NDP to provide services to NDP on behalf of its US customers. Located in The Woodlands, close to the major Oil Field Service companies and to Houston, the fourth biggest city in the USA, NDPDC Corporation is well-positioned to meet the needs of NDP and its customers.

NDPDC Corporation facilitates the importation and stocking of NDP's products, providing NDP's customers with the ability to order and receive products by the next day. It also provides a local point of contact, available during US working hours, for any service-related queries.

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For any enquiries or questions, please call us on 346 299 1545, or email at info@ndpdc.com or fill out the form below

Main Office

Our office in Houston has been closed for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, but we can be reached on:


email: info@ndpdc.com

Tel:     346 299 1545 (Office)

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